Tax reduction

How to get tax reduction for housekeeping services / ironing services at home?

Are you concerned?

You can get tax reduction for housekeeping services for either your main residence or secondary residence based in France. In this context it doesn’t matter if you are the houseowner or not.

The tax reduction can also be granted for apartments belonging to your parents or grandparents meeting the requirements for touching the personal benefit for autonomy “l’Allocation Personnalisée d’Autonomie (APA)”.

Expenses incurred after the 1st of January 2017 give rise to tax reduction without consideration whether you are working, not working or retired.

What services are concerned?

With our company A Votre Service 68 you will have a dedicated employee for housekeeping and/or ironing coming for the working hours and with the periodicity which you selected. You can build up a real confidential relationship with her. The work will be carried out according to the list of tasks which have made up together with Eric Friedrichs. We can also propose continuity of service in case you are going to be absent. Reliability, efficiency and availability are our key values.