Housekeeping in your home

À Votre Service 68, a reliable qualified service provider

“À Votre Service 68”, Household services In southern Alsace, districts of Saint-Louis, French/German/Swiss border area, Sundgau.

At “À Votre Service 68” you have a housekeeping assistant specifically assigned to you. She will come on a fixed day to work for the duration you have fixed. That means that there will not be someone else turning up every week. You will know exactly who will come, on which day and for how long. In that way it is possible to establish a relationship based on confidence. The work will be done well and there this a follow-up: your house is in good hands.

In order to satisfy you in every respect we also offer you the possibility of benefiting from our services while you are absent. Our company which has been founded more than 10 years ago is known for the fact that there is little rotation among the staff. Confidence, efficiency and willingness to serve are our basic values.

The concrete situation is such that your housekeeping assistant deals with the cleaning and maintenance of your home: removing dust from furniture, foot bars, doors, cleaning of floors, cleaning the bath and toilets, cleaning the kitchen (surfaces and work surfaces, stove plates, steam evacuators, stoves, microwave oven, refrigerator…); cleaning window glasses inside and outside, aering of the apartment, putting things in place…. All these maintenance jobs are scheduled in agreement with you so that you can specify your expectations. Our household assistants use your products and appliances.
In order to obtain qualified household services on the basis of a long-term relationship based on confidence, contact us by telephone or on our contact page!

The main phases
Our housekeeping services with qualified staff in Saint-Louis and surroundings
On the occasion of a visit visit we make up a list of tasks together with you as well as a list of your expectations and requirements.
We select one of our employees for you. On the occasion of the first work session at your home we will accompany the selected employee to introduce her to you.
We will join her during the first appointment in order to explain the work to be done while you are present.
We also prepare a message booklet which you can use to leave messages to our employee if you are going to be absent while she works at your home.
A regular follow-up of your requirements and your satisfaction will be made throughout the service contract.